Examples Created with the DHTML API of wz_dragdrop.js
Timed smooth transitions: An additional JavaScript module written by Carlos Chiari
Window Simulation (simplyfied example)
Frames: Access to D'nD items in different frames
Sort draggable elements
Image Resizing in a more sophisticated manner
Tracking Image
Draggable Vector Graphics: wz_dragdrop.js and wz_jsgraphics.js combined
Drawing on Top of a (Draggable) Image: wz_dragdrop.js and wz_jsgraphics.js combined

Main Page, Hauptseite
Drag&Drop, DHTML for Images and Layers (english)
Drag&Drop, DHTML für Bilder und Layer (deutsch)

Other sites
Andrew Collington's Image Cropping PHP Class, which can be combined with wz_dragdrop.js to provide manual selection of the cropping area.