<html> <head> <title>DHTML JavaScript Tooltips: Changelog</title> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="../newwalterzorn.css"> <style type="text/css"> <!-- a { margin:10pt; } body {margin-top:10pt; } --> </style> </head> <body> <p> <a href="tooltip_e.htm">Tooltip&nbsp;Script:&nbsp;Back&nbsp;to&nbsp;Main&nbsp;Page&nbsp;(English)</a> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <a href="http://www.walterzorn.de/tooltip/tooltip.htm">Tooltip&nbsp;Script:&nbsp;Zur&uuml;ck&nbsp;zur&nbsp;Hauptseite&nbsp;(Deutsch)</a> </p> <pre> T%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%f%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%W% Q% File: Q% history.htm Q% `%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%l%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%c% Q% Author: Q% Walter Zorn Q% `%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%l%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%c% Q% Content: Q% Changelog of the Tooltip JavaScript wz_tooltip.js, Q% Q% Q% starting with version 3.28 Q% `%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%l%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%c% Q% Web: Q% http://www.walterzorn.com Q% Q% Q% http://www.walterzorn.de Q% `%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%l%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%c% Q% Note: Q% Thanks to m. h. for formatting this file. Q% Z%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%i%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%]% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% % Legend: % % + New feature % % * Changed feature % % - Removed feature % % ! Bugfix % %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% T%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%d%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%d%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%W% Q% Version % Release date % Changes Q% `%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%j%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%j%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%c% Q% % %! STICKY tooltips extending past the bottom boundary of the document were not Q% Q% % % always positioned correctly in IE. Q% Q% % %* Scroll/resize eventhandlers no more required, size of script slightly smaller. Q% Q% 5.31 % 07.11.2008 %tip_balloon.js v. 1.8: Q% Q% % %+ Configuration variable / command for specifying the file name extension Q% Q% % % (e.g. "gif", "png") of balloon images. Q% Q% % %! Stem not always offset correctly in IE. Q% _%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%b% Q% % %+ New command EXCLUSIVE (for STICKY tooltips): No other tooltip can be displayed Q% Q% % % until the current one has been closed actively by the user. Q% Q% 5.3 % 02.10.2008 %! Regression fixed: Automatic width adaption in old Geckos (<= 1.7). Q% Q% % %! Now the inner size of the window is detected more reliably => fixed tooltip Q% Q% % % positioning issues in certain browsers, e.g. with the Centerwindow plugin. Q% _%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%b% Q% % %+ FIX command provides now two modes. Mode 1: Tooltip at fixed x and y Q% Q% 5.2 % 17.07.2008 % coordinates. Mode 2: Tooltip fixated at any desired HTML element, with Q% Q% % % specifiable horizontal and vertical offset. Q% _%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%b% Q% % %* Improved positioning of HTML elements converted to a tooltip by TagToTip(). Q% Q% 5.14 % 15.07.2008 % Previous position and display are restored when the tooltip is being hidden. Q% Q% % %! When converting an HTML element to a tooltip and applying the BALLOON command, Q% Q% % % the content is now placed inside the balloon tooltip rather than beneath it. Q% _%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%b% Q% 5.13 % 20.06.2008 %! Unnecessary horizontal scrollbar on RTL pages while tooltip not visible. Q% _%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%b% Q% % %! IE sometimes doesn't fire an onscroll event when the page is being refreshed. Q% Q% 5.12 % 13.06.2008 % Workaround by Levy B. Q% Q% % %! Tooltip transparency, fade-in and fade-out didn't work in Opera 9.5. Q% _%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%b% Q% % %! Minor issue: Tooltip to be displayed and hidden with delay (DELAY and negative Q% Q% 5.11 % 22.05.2008 % DURATION value) whould show up even after the mouse has already left the Q% Q% % % hovered HTML element. Thanks to Patrick Veenstra for reporting and fixing this. Q% _%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%b% Q% % %+ New command TITLEPADDING, specifying the padding around the title text. Q% Q% % %tip_balloon.js: Q% Q% 5.1 % 10.04.2008 %! Negative WIDTH values specifying max width work now also with BALLOON tooltips. Q% Q% % %* Reliability of edge formatting improved (added 'vertical-align' css attribute, Q% Q% % % suggested by Thomas Corthals). Q% _%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%b% Q% 5.01 % 13.03.2008 %! Regression of v.5.0 fixed: Title text will now auto-wrap again, if tooltip Q% Q% % % width is restricted and insufficient. Q% _%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%b% Q% % %* Now onmouseout HTML attributes calling UnTip() are required! Q% Q% % % This is less elegant, but more reliable, and gives the user more freedom in Q% Q% % % specifying the event upon which to hide a tooltip. Q% Q% % %+ CLICKSTICKY command added which enables the user to fixate the tooltip by just Q% Q% % % clicking with the left mousebutton. Q% Q% % %+ Now the height of tooltips can optionally be specified (HEIGHT command). Q% Q% % % Courtesy Stefan Galinski, 6.2.2008. Q% Q% % % Like with the width, a negative number specifies a maximum for the automatic Q% Q% % % height adaption. Q% Q% % %+ A negative value of -1 for the WIDTH command or global Width config variable Q% Q% % % has now a special meaning: Then the width of the tooltip is determined by the Q% Q% % % horizontal extent required for the tooltip's title bar. Q% Q% 5.0 % 04.03.2008 %+ JUMPHORZ and JUMPVERT commands added which specify whether a tooltip, when Q% Q% % % touching a window boundary, should jump to the other side of the mouse, instead Q% Q% % % of just stop by the window boundary. Q% Q% % %+ A negative value for the DURATION command specifies a delay after the Q% Q% % % onmouseout until the tooltip disappears. (Feature suggested by Dirk Osswald.) Q% Q% % %+ It's no longer mandatory to hide automatically HTML elements to be converted Q% Q% % % to tooltips. Just set the global configuration variable TagsToTip to false. Q% Q% % %+ New command for BALLOON tooltip plugin: Horizontal offset of stem from mouse Q% Q% % % can be adjusted. Q% Q% % %* Tooltip with CLICKCLOSE command doesn't close upon right-clicks, so the Q% Q% % % browser's context menu works properly on the tooltip. Q% Q% % % Suggested by Richard Romley. Q% Q% % %! In IE wrong tooltip position when switching browser window to fullscreen. Q% Q% % %! Font anti-aliasing to tooltip text did not work in IE. Q% _%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%b% Q% % %+ The WIDTH command and the global Width config variable both accept now negative Q% Q% 4.13 % 09.08.2007 % values to specify a maximum for the automatic width adaption. Q% Q% % % Courtesy Jeff Rowberg, David Rothenberger and others. Q% _%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%b% Q% 4.12 % 13.07.2007 %! Tooltips are better protected against inheriting changed line-height style. Q% _%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%b% Q% % %+ Global variable tt_Enabled added. Allows to (temporarily) suppress tooltips, Q% Q% % % e.g. by providing the user with a button that sets this variable to false. Q% Q% % %+ New plugin: Balloon tooltips. Q% Q% % %* Default text of closebutton changed to 'X'. Q% Q% 4.11 % 22.06.2007 %* Behaviour of CENTERMOUSE command changed: Offset from center as specified by Q% Q% % % OFFSETX or in the global configuration. Q% Q% % %* OnMouseMove extension eventhandler renamed, and split into OnMoveBefore and Q% Q% % % OnMoveAfter. Q% Q% % %! In Firefox, tooltips triggered by events other than onmouseover did not show up Q% Q% % % before the mouse was moved. Q% _%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%b% Q% 4.1 % 19.06.2007 %+ COPYCONTENT command added. Only relevant for TagToTip(). Q% Q% % %+ Interface for plugins extended. Q% _%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%b% Q% 4.01 % 02.06.2007 %! Shadow height not correct under some circumstances. Q% Q% % %! Safari crash while loading the page, if TagsToTip option was activated. Q% _%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%b% Q% % %Entirely rewritten. Q% Q% % %TAKE CARE: Now wz_tooltip.js should been included at the beginning of the &lt;body&gt; Q% Q% % %section. The syntax of defining and configuring tooltips inside onmouseovers Q% Q% % %has been changed! Q% Q% % %+ Tooltips can now be created and changed dynamically. Q% Q% % %+ Width of tooltips is adapted automatically (by default, but it can also be Q% Q% % % specified if desired). Q% Q% 4.0 % 26.05.2007 %+ Arbitrary HTML elements can be converted (by their ID) to tooltips, which Q% Q% % % means you can have search-engine-relevant content in tooltips. Q% Q% % %+ New commands to center a tooltip beneath or above the mouse, to define Q% Q% % % a closebutton in a tooltip's titlebar, to fade-in and fade-out a tooltip, Q% Q% % % to align the text in the titlebar. Q% Q% % %+ Interface for extensions (plugins). To be extended in the future. Q% Q% % %+ Debug option that might help you to detect some typical errors. Q% Q% % %! Can now co-exist with other eventhandler functions in the same onmouseover. Q% Q% % %- Support of ancient browsers such as NN 4 and Opera 5/6 dropped. Q% _%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%b% Q% 3.45 % 22.01.2007 %+ this.T_CLICKCLOSE command added. Q% _%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%b% Q% 3.44 % 30.11.2006 %+ Improved cross-browser compliance with XHTML documents. Q% _%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%b% Q% % %+ Alt and title attributes of HTML childnodes (e.g. an image nested into an &lt;a&gt;) Q% Q% 3.43 % 28.11.2006 % are removed recursively. Q% Q% % %* Workaround for bug in FF: False &quot;captureEvents&quot;/&quot;releaseEvents&quot; deprecation Q% Q% % % warnings if calls to those functions are based on object detection. Q% _%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%b% Q% 3.42 % 08.11.2006 %+ Tooltips positioned above the mousepointer recognize the top window boundary. Q% _%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%b% Q% 3.41 % 26.10.2006 %+ Added support for TEXTAREA tags. Q% _%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%b% Q% % %* Improvements for IE7 (e.g. no IFRAME necessary anymore to cover windowed form Q% Q% % % elements). Q% Q% 3.40 % 26.10.2006 %! Tooltip creation faster in IE 6. There was an iframe created for each tooltip, Q% Q% % % rather than a single iframe just for the presently visible tooltip. Thanks to Q% Q% % % Torsten Foertsch and Samuel Monsarrat for notifying me about that issue). Q% _%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%b% Q% % %* Workaround for an alzheimerous bug in Firefox. Apparently, when a page is Q% Q% 3.39 % 17.10.2006 % reloaded, FF would partially keep JS content and references in memory, but Q% Q% % % would have forgotten what is kept in memory :( Q% _%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%b% Q% 3.38 % 08.12.2005 %! Works now also with XHTML DTDs. Thanks to Gabriel Blum for the fix. Q% _%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%b% Q% 3.37 % 02.12.2005 %! Problem in Firefox 1.5 with undefined variable tt_ifrm solved. Q% _%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%b% Q% 3.36 % 05.11.2005 %! Fixed: Possible JS error in old IE (v.4.x). Q% _%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%b% Q% % %+ SELECT tags are supported. Q% Q% 3.35 % 13.10.2005 %! Fixed: In IE, static or sticky tooltips didn't override SELECTs when Q% Q% % % overlapping with them. Q% _%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%b% Q% 3.34 % 09.09.2005 %! Backgroundcolours applied via CSS to tables generally can't affect the Q% Q% % % bordercolour of the tooltips anymore. Q% _%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%b% Q% % %+ Now also the options &quot;tooltip above mousepointer&quot;, &quot;tooltip on the left Q% Q% 3.33 % 11.08.2005 % of the mousepointer&quot;, &quot;sticky tooltip&quot; and &quot;static tooltip&quot; can be set Q% Q% % % globally, i.e. as default for all tooltips. Q% _%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%b% Q% 3.32 % 20.07.2005 %+ Suppresses &quot;Address: ...&quot; popups over links in Opera. Q% _%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%b% Q% 3.31 % 10.06.2005 %+ Covers now also comboboxes (windowed elements) in IE (IE 5.5+). Q% Q% % %! Comboboxes won't flicker anymore when being overlapped by a tooltip Q% _%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%b% Q% 3.30 % 27.04.2005 %+ New command T_OPACITY allows to specify the transparency of a tooltip. Q% _%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%<%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%b% Q% % %+ Remembers and restores mousemove eventhandlers defined by other scripts Q% Q% % % on the page =&gt; improved compatibility with scripts that do not by their own Q% Q% 3.28 % 23.04.2005 % release and re-capture mousemove events dynamically. Q% Q% % %* Remembers and restores the previous visibility of a windowed form element Q% Q% % % that has been hidden while being overlapped by a tooltip. Q% Z%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%g%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%g%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%P%]% </pre> </body> </html>